We pride ourselves in producing high quality beers. Our brewer is very creative and enjoys creating beers that are unique, such as our Strawberry Schwarzcake. We will continue to add new beers to the list, so stay tuned!

Be sure to bring your GROWLER when you come to visit us!


Wild Wolf Pils, 5.7% ABV 25 IBU  GROWLER FILL $9

Clean, smooth & crisp – this golden colored lager is sure to leave you refreshed and satisfied.

Blonde Hunny Ale, 7.1% ABV 21 IBU GROWLER FILL $12

An unfiltered Belgian style Blonde Ale with wheat and a lot of local honey in every pour.  We have also added a special spice blend to give it an added kick.  Smooth and refreshing, but be careful – this one’s ABV will sneak up on you.  This beer is straw yellow in color with a slight sweetness in the middle and an estery finish characteristic of the best Belgian beers.

Alpha Ale, 4.7% ABV  45 IBU GROWLER FILL $10

Our American Pale Ale with a ton of Citra, Columbus and Cascade hops.  Deep amber in color with an extremely well rounded hop and malt character.  This beer gives hop heads what they are looking for without wrecking your palate; yet it is sufficiently balanced which is pleasing to many hop-timid beer drinkers. The finish is slightly dry and refreshing to the last drop.  This beer will not disappoint!

Wee Heavy Ale, 6.5% ABV 20 IBU GROWLER FILL $9

Dark copper/brown in color, smoky/earthy nose.  Rich malty/caramel flavor w/hints of roasted smokiness & whiskey.  A house favorite.

Black Wolf IBA, 5.8% ABV  70 IBU GROWLER FILL $10

Hop-heads REJOICE!  This American style black ale has a medium-high hop bitterness that is piney and clean.  This medium bodied beer has a wonderful dark malt flavor and aroma without roasted astringency.


‘Weiz Wolf’, Hefeweizen, 5.1% ABV 15 IBU GROWLER FILL $8

Refreshing w/subdued notes of clove & banana (produced by the yeast).  This American style wheat beer is highly carbonated & extremely refreshing.

BRT Collaboration  – Imperial Wit w/ Honey & Pear, 7.2% ABV  25 IBU GROWLER FILL 12

Brewed on premise at Wild Wolf with Blue Mountain Brewery and Devils Backbone Brewing Company.  This Imperial Wit beer is bready and spicy on the nose.  Taste it and you will experience a delightful tangy beer with some wine characteristics due to the Nelson Sauvignon hops and generous additions of honey and pear.

‘Strawberry Schwarzcake’, 5% ABV  20 IBU GROWLER FILL $9

This Fruit Schwarzbier is dark brown in color.   The clean lager characteristics and the berry finish make it a very refreshing and interesting beer.

American Stout, 6.5% ABV  65 IBU GROWLER FILL $10

Dark brown/black in color.  Full bodied with bold roasted malt flavors.