Wild Wolf Beer

Wild Wolf Beer


Danny Wolf’s interests in both horticulture and brewing have shaped Wild Wolf Brewing Company since we opened in 2011. His personal influence is evident not only in the character of our delicious beers, but also in the appearance of the facility and grounds.

He was born in Dayton, Ohio and moved to Northern Virginia with his family when he was ten. After high school, Danny studied biology at George Mason University. It was in college that his love for homebrewing began, stemming from a thirst for better tasting beer combined with a typical student’s limited budget. However, if you ask him how old he was when he tasted his first beer, Danny will smile and say, “Twenty-one, of course!”

After college, his passion for brewing remained. He volunteered at Starr Hill and was given the opportunity to work with Mark Thompson, an inspiring mentor. During this time, it became clear to Danny that he needed to further his education in brewing, so he attended and graduated from the Siebel Institute, the oldest brewing school in the America's. On November 11, 2011, the Wild Wolf Brewing Company and restaurant opened the doors and started production with three core beers. Now, years later, Danny and his team brew six core beers, thirteen seasonal offerings, and have tripled production output.

His favorite beer to brew is Primal Instinct. This newest addition to the core lineup is an American IPA with a bold hop presence. Each batch contains Cascade hops harvested from Danny’s on-site hopyard, which is home to our resident chickens and ducks. The flocks eat insects, keep down weeds, and aide in fertilization. Danny is proud of his rare and heirloom hens, and the rainbow of eggs they produce.

As Brewmaster of Wild Wolf Brewing Co., Danny is active in every aspect of brewery operations. Danny strives to be environmentally conscious and makes every attempt to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the brewery.

Danny is also passionate about all things local - local food, local music, and local art - and he strives to support local businesses. “Keep it Fresh, Drink Local” is more than just a slogan for Wild Wolf Brewing Co, it’s the way Danny approaches his life and business. When he is not busy brewing, Danny enjoys gardening, cooking, spending time with his two dogs (Luna and Bear) and maybe watching a sci-fi flick on occasion.