Why Cans?

why cans for web
Here at Wild Wolf Brewing Company we have a CAN-do attitude when it comes to the containers we use for our delicious brews.  The choice to use 12oz cans instead of bottles was not an easy one but, as the saying goes – “the right choice is rarely the easy one.” We believe great craft beer belongs in cans for the following reasons:

Cans are Better for the Environment
Aluminum cans are easy to recycle and require less packaging – no paper labels, no bottle caps, and less cardboard housing. Also, cans are made largely from recycled material, requiring 95% less energy to create. To top it off, we use an eco-friendly PakTech can carrier for a low-waste, 100% recyclable packaging method.  If you drink and recycle a beer, odds are it will be repurposed and back on the shelf in approximately 60 days. How cool is that?

Can Beer stays Fresh – Longer
Cans actually lock in the flavor of the beer better than dark glass bottles. No light can penetrate the can and the seal is airtight so no oxygen can spoil the beer. The result – fresh from the brewery taste that lasts much longer than in a bottle.

Can Beer likes to Travel
Nothing enhances the beer drinking experience like sunshine and fresh air. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or at the beach, canned beer travels much better than its bottled brethren. No need to worry about broken glass or bulky backpacks and, when you’re done, crush the can for easy disposal. Pack it in, pack it out, and leave only paw prints.

Can Beer Gets Cold Faster
Canned beer cools faster than bottled beer. That’s a fact. Also shorter, stackable cans mean you can fit more of them in your fridge. More beer = more happiness. You can’t argue with science.

All Wild Wolf house beers are available in 6-packs of cans so go pick one up today! You’ll see why we believe saving the planet can taste so good. Or, if you really want to have the “greenest” beer drinking experience, come to the brewery and enjoy a pint right out of the tap.